Thursday, February 12, 2015

Projekt NӦIR's 'Ský'

Hails my friendly bastards! I´m sitting in my sofa with my Laptop and my headphones. I’ve drank my hot coffee, so I´m warm, concentrated and ready to assault these lines. What better feeling than listening to ice-cold melodies on a brumous day? I could not hope for better weather, nor better music. Post black metal and hot coffee, my newest combo!

I bring you the latest project of Mário Rodrigues, the portuguese metalhead from the band Karbonsoul and owner of Fatsound.Productions. ‘Ský’ is the name of Projekt Nӧir’s debut EP, singed with Icelandic words by the voice of Jóhann Ӧrn (vocalist of the band Dynfari) and with José Gonçalves playing drums (Empire). The project was born in the midst of 2014’s fall when 4 inspirational tracks rampaged out from the dusk.

The cosily melancholic sounds couldn´t represent the darkest feelings in better fashion. That was the main idea from the start. Mario wanted to explore darker and colder atmospheres with obscure textures and enlightened melodies and he nailed it…

If you know the portuguese metal scene, you know that we aren’t masters of black metal and we aren’t also used to explore atmospherical metal. Our country doesn’t offer the cold and dark environment like the northern countrys and our traditions and habits, when it comes to music, are also very different. Places like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland are normaly those that come to mind when talking about black metal or atmospherical metal. But that’s changing. Nowadays there isn’t a particular place for the birth of metal and Projekt Nӧir is the perfect example. 

With the help of Jóhann, Mário was able to brings us the most remote and dangerous soundscapes. The portuguese guitarist managed to create an ambiance that’s difficult to engineer even for those who are used to it. The combination of the harsh and demonic voice of Jóhann with the tremolo picking, nature sounds, the zen-like meditational flourish and all the other nuances, provides a feeling of vastness and sorrow to the listener.

I think that Mário has done a great job. His skills not only as a musician, but also as a producer made this EP even stronger. Of course without the awesome voice of Dynfari’s singer the project would be incomplete. The icelandic lyrics are a gain. He went a step further and achieved his goal – "The world is darker... but the sky is brighter"

Officialy released on the next 14th, in mp3 format for you to listen and enjoy!

R.I.P and Rock on \m/

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01 - Ský
02 - Sjálfsmynd dauõleikans
03 - Í regni elds og brennisteins
04 - Á vit tilgangs

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