Friday, February 13, 2015

Selvans' 'Clangore Plenilunio' EP

I would like to start with paying my homage to Jonny, Selvans drummer, who tragically died the June last year in a motor bike accident. Today is the release of the black metallers Selvans’ debut EP entitled ‘Clangores Plenilunio’ and a turning page moment for the band.

Selvans is a black metal entity hailing from the lands of Italy. When listening to these dark metallers one can easily capture a different sonority. You can count on good Folkloristic black metal with an atmospheric feeling to it brought by the keys. The band was born following the demise of Draugr and aims to praise Italic lands essence, through the recreation of the cults and the folklore of various ethnic groups that have dwelt in Italy from age to age – “Ancestral Italic melodies meld with atmospheric, sinistre and evocative metal tunes to create a hymn to that ancient spirituality”.

The line-up on ‘Clangores Plenilunio’ includes Selvans Haruspex on vocals, keyboars and traditional instruments, Sethlans Fulguriator on guitar and Draugr co-founders Stolas on bass and Jonny on drums. The Ep marks the last ever appearance of Jonny, who recorded all drum tracks and most of the vocals before his death, and in whose honour the EP is being released.

‘Clangores Plenilunio’ brings the feeling of the good 90’s Norwegian black metal but with a theatrical touch. Is hard to find resemblances when you listen to the band’s work and that’s maybe because of the unique soundscapes. The band quotes: “For all those who miss the dramatic, theatrical passages of Arcturus’ ‘La masquerade infernale’. Italy folklore is well represented by the music of the EP and the atmosphere embraces you and takes you through the beutiful lands of the country and its ancient spirituality. There are many particularities throughout the 5 track work. Ranging from Asian folk, Italian folk, profound atmospheres, tremolo picking and blast beats to well constructed symphonies you will find a vast and sinister EP.

If you’re looking for a complex concept of black metal based on ancient traditions I highly reccomend ‘Clangore Plenilunio’ EP. This is also a good piece for those who like black metal in general and folk metal. Check out the mystics’ Selvans and Rock on \m/.

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01 - Lupercale
02 - Clangores Plenilunio
03 - Prologue
04 - ... In The Woods
05 - Epilogue

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