Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Strangelet's 'First Bite'

Be loud and agressive, put on your leather, grab a beer, light your cigarette and be ready for the heavy rockers Strangelet. Good old music is back and with it comes all the good memories. Are you ready to embrace old school kick ass rock shows? If you do than join with the young South-German band in this voyage focused on the hard and heavy roots, but also carrying a modern flourish. Founded on September 2011 and hailing from Heilbronn, the quintet composed by four dudes and a powerlady are on track.

This band is everything that heavy rock represents – emphasised distortion, explosive riffs, the use of the awesome talkbox, flashy solos, slaughter drumming with driving beats, backing rhythm provided by the bass, keyboards for a groovy touch without forgetting the blues sonority, raspy vocals, neckbreaking tunes, ballads to follow with your lighter and insane live performances. Need I say more?

With a sound and style highly influenced by the 80’s, not only in the music, but also in the entertaining stage-acting, the rockers deliver explosive performances with the spirit of great bands such as Deep Purple, Boston, Guns N’ Roses, Black Stone Cherry and the likes. They also integrate modern elements, techniques and influences, so a refreshing sound is to hear in their compositions of heavy rock.

‘First Bite’ is the title of their album. The 11 track work was self-produced and independently released in 2014. I have to say... being capable of pulling out such a firecracker album with such good production only by themselves shows that they  don’t just talk the talk, they deliver with professionalism. For them, being a “fresh fish” is only a mere label. Although they are young, their sound is strong enough to pull your lazy ass from the sofa and punch the air like a freaking dopy. With the powerful tune ‘Privilege of Power’ and the calm ballad ‘Stillborn’ Strangelet shows their influences and their strong points when it comes to create the right mood to rock like pros. But these are only two of many more outstanding tracks that you should check in their work ‘First Bite’.

Stefan Zoerner is the live performance addict with a strong attitude on stage and the vocalist leading us through the band’s lyrical themes. Tobias Eurich is the guitar shredder. With the headbang mode always on, this warrior of metal displays some crazy skills. Jonas Kuemmerle is the man attacking the keys, piano, the crazy talkbox and the mind behind the recordings. Finn Janetzky is the badass looking guy responsible for the bass and the backing vocals. Finally but not least the powerlady Jessica Stuart. Don’t be fooled by her angelical appearence, she is a fucking machine when it comes to punish the drums.

If you’re into heavy rock with a fresh touch you need to listen these guys, this shit is really good, and still they have a long way in front of them. That said I end this review with the usual Rock On \m/.

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01 - Privilege of Power

02 - Nothing
03 - Tainted
04 - Pray to Break
05 - Stillborn
06 - Snakebite
07 - Hell and Back
08 - Touch the Sky
09 - Catching Fire
10 - All That's Left
11 - Hiding Star

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