Friday, December 31, 2010

Humanity's last hope now available on ROCK BAND (XBOX360)

MASSIVE SLAVERY introducing the concept of ‘true authentic double bass drumming’ to The Rock Band Video Game with the song "Humanity's last hope".

RockGamer Studios have produced 2 versions of this song; one regular version with a single kick drum, and one Expert version with double bass drums.

The song is already available for download for XBOX 360 via the Rock Band Network for only 160 Microsoft points.

Soon it will be also possible to download both versions for play on for PlayStation 3 and Wii from the Rock Band Network. More update soon !

You can see the video game preview below.

Also, be sure to check out for their first official video for that same song on just below.

For More info on Massive Slavery:

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Negative Core Project (live @ Fabrica 2010)

In December 2006, GABI TOMA (ex : Tectonic, Conex 83, Arand , Sistem Nervos) starts his first project with “Artillery” , a hardcore/thrash metal band, with Laurentiu Iftene (drums), Vali „Velo” Ionescu (solo guitar) and George (bass guitar). 

After approximately 6 months „Velo” is replaced with Razvan „Sfar” SFARAIALA (solo guitar) and George with Andrei CORNEA (bass guitar)..

In 2007, the band changes its name into „TARANTULA”. 

The summer of 2008 brings more changes, GABI TOMA becomes the new drummer, and Bogdan TIU starts as solo guitar. Filip BRUNET (vocals) joins the band in autumn, same year. The new sound is Thrash/Death Metal.

Starting with the second half of 2008, TARANTULA pushes on and begins a series of live performances in well-known clubs : Live Metal Club (Bucharest), Hard Rock Caffe (Bucharest), Suburbia (Bucharest), Club A (Bucharest), Fire (Bucharest), Abyss Rock Bar (Galati) etc.. 

In 2009 TARANTULA starts collaborating with Stay Metal Forever! : Sorin Ion Turcu - Business Manager & Alberta Bita, Marketing Manager. This same year brings a lot of concerts and festivals for the band : Academia de Rock, LMC Rock Maraton, Katharsis Metal ShowDown (with Methedras –Thrash/Death –Italy), Stay Metal Forever sharing the stage with Eastern Front UK, Seregon UK and De Profundis UK), Transylvanian Pizza Tour (with Action Bass Tom Band –DE), Dacorum Biker Fest Cernica, Motor Xcountry Fest and many others. . 
The 1st of November greets the band’s new name „Negative Core” and at the same time a replacement: the departure of Gabi TOMA, caused by personal issues, and a short collaboration with Bogdan „Tom” GROMAN (ex DoDiez) with whom the band had a performance in Suburbia Club next to ALTAR and a live show at a national television TVR2, at „Muzica si Muzichie” show (played in February 2010).

March 2010 brings Gabi DIMA from „Tiarra” (ex : Graven, Colt 44, Blind Spirits and featured along Abigail and ThunderStorm) behind the drums and a live performance at the new TWICE club (Bucharest) for a charity fundraiser.

In May 2010, after some musical style related misunderstandings, the band suffers a major change : Razvan, Andrei and Bogdan are replaced with Tudor „Bulan” SCANTEIE (actual member of Tiarra and Shesdead) at guitars, Augustin „Adi” COMORASU (actual member of Tiarra) at bass guitar, and Victor BADILA (actual member of Akral Necrosis) as the second guitar. 

Our sound has a new feeling to it, but maintains the same direction. We continue having the support and management of Stay Metal Forever! and a major opportunity shows up for the OST Mountain Fest in Busteni, Valea Cerbului –first edition– where the band shares the stage with numerous internationally known names (Omega Lithium, Negura Bunget, Hyperborea, Ava Inferi, Belphegor, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Concept Insomnia….) but also with important Romanian metal bands (Bucium, Bucovina, GOD, Grimegod, Abigail, Tiarra...). 

Mid September 2010 greets a new member : Bogdan “ Blida “ Blidarescu – synth…a new step in the evolution of the band with a sound that most probably will make the PA suffer a great deal of torture !! 

„Negative CORE Project” is the new face with which we shall offer chaos for the listening! 

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FEAR FACTORY Forced To Postpone Tour

FEAR FACTORY, who recently announced a short stretch of U.S. shows from December 29 - January 8, were forced to postpone those dates until April due to a family emergency. No further details are available at this time.
FEAR FACTORY -- guitarist Dino Cazares, vocalist Burton C. Bell, bassist Byron Stroud and drummer Gene Hoglan -- spent the greater part of 2010 touring in support of their critically-acclaimed Mechanize full-length released in February via Candlelight Records. Rescheduled dates to be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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BUZZOV•EN Announce February Tour; New Video Interview & Live Footage Posted

Continuing to devastate America one tour at a time, sludgemongers BUZZOV•EN today announce their third tour installment since reuniting early in the year. Hitting all new markets throughout the Southern and Southeastern US this time, the band will hit the old dusty trail again in early February with Virginia's sludgesters Cough providing direct support. Confirmed appearances on this newly announced rampage are as follows:
BUZZOV•EN Winter 2011 Tour:
2/04/2011 Ground Zero - Spartanburg, SC w/ Cough
2/05/2011 The Jinx - Savannah, GA w/ Cough
2/07/2011 Siberia - New Orleans, LA w/ Cough
2/08/2011 Walters on Washington - Houston, TX w/ Cough
2/09/2011 Trees - Dallas, TX w/ Cough
2/10/2011 Downtown Music - Little Rock, AR w/ Cough
2/11/2011 Hi Tone - Memphis, TN w/ Cough
2/13/2011 Southgate House - Newport, KY w/ Cough
2/15/2011 Canal Club - Richmond, VA w/ Cough
2/16/2011 Casbah - Durham, NC w/ Cough
Check out the tour poster for the upcoming dates, as well as a newly filmed Superskum video interview and live footage from BUZZOV•EN's recent December West Coast tour and more at this location.

As with BUZZOV•EN's previous 2010 mini-tours in October and earlier this month, the band’s classic lineup from their At A Loss LP lineup of Kirk Fisher on guitar and vocals, “Dixie” Dave Collins (Weedeater, Bongzilla, etc.) on bass and vocals, and Ramzi Ateyeh (Sourvein) on drums, now also includes Sleepy Floyd (Sourvein) on second guitar.

Following their inception in 1990, BUZZOV•EN quickly created an impact on the metal scene with their harsh, raging style of sludge, cementing them as both a purveying act of the genre. After disbanding in 1999, the group revamped things and reformed in 2010, bringing their chaotic and caustic live rage back to the stage. BUZZOV•EN will appear at The Netherlands' annual Roadburn Festival in April, as well as this year’s installment of the Maryland Death Fest in May, and will have much more news to announce throughout the new year.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

KHORS: New Track Stream Available Via Noisecreep

AOL Noisecreep is currently streaming "Sacrament Of Buyan," the eighth  track from KHORS' latest full-length, Return To Abandoned, released last month via Paragon Records. On their fourth long player, the Ukrainian black metal horde yield the harsher, brooding sounds of earlier works whilst  mixing in the melancholy and atmosphere of 2008's unsung blackened gem, Mysticism.  "Sacrament Of Buyan," is based in Slavic mythology -- Buyan is reportedly the only place where you'll find "Koschei the Deathless" soul buried inside a needle inserted into an egg that lurks in a magical oak tree.
To check out "Sacrament Of Buyan," point your browser HERE.

GUIDELINE: First official video of the new album "Traveler On Midway". Out on 21st Jan. 2011.

Grunge / Stoner Rock

“Metal Hammer Germany nominated Guideline to “Heroes of Tomorrow” in January edition 2011

In an age of exploding information and lacking sobriety they embark on a journey with uncompromising straightness that borders on obstinacy. With bone-dry riffs, a merciless groove and the emotional voice of the lead singer, GUIDELINE is on midway between earthy Stoner Rock and powerful melodic Grunge.

The lads quickly achieved international attention with this individual recipe. Especially “Castigation Ego” which appeared on the first EP in 2008 attracted the attention of two US labels (272 Records and Quickstar Productions) and moved both of them to put the song on their worldwide released compilations in 2009.

Without a doubt, Guidelines studio work is excellent. Their live performances – ass-kickin’. This indisputable fact was proved by the fourth place at Middle-Europe’s biggest band contest, the “ABC feat. International Live Award”, with more than 1.000 participants.

Highly motivated, they intensified their efforts and created the first long player “Traveler On Midway” in cooperation with the Nuremberg producer’s team all around Christoph Binder and Christoph Beyerlein. (Release Date: 21st January 2011) The Stoner Rock influenced casualness of the album is strongly inspired by the wild and explicit Rock and Grunge sound of the last decades (particularly the nineties).

After completing the record, medial interest rises significantly. The Rock- and Metal-Webzine was like “…honest, hand-made, 100% authentic rock music, that grabs the balls.” and rated a juicy 8 out of 10. Metal Hammer Germany is also convinced of their talent and nominated Guideline to “Heroes of Tomorrow” in January edition 2011 including interview and album review.

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Crowbar - The Cemetery Angels (New Video 2010)

"Sever The Wicked Hand" track listing:

01. Isolation (Desperation)
02. Sever The Wicked Hand
03. Liquid Sky And Cold Black Earth
04. Let Me Mourn
05. The Cemetery Angels
06. As I Become One
07. A Farewell to Misery
08. Protectors Of The Shrine
09. I Only Deal In Truth
10. Echo An Eternity
11. Cleanse Me, Heal Me
12. Symbiosis

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Legion Of The Damned - Hand of Darkness (New Video 2010)

"Descent Into Chaos" track listing: 

01. Descent Into Chaos
02. Night Of The Sabbath
03. War In My Blood
04. Shrapnel Rain
05. Holy Blood, Holy War
06. Killzone
07. Lord Of The Files
08. Desolation Empire
09. Hand Of Darkness
10. Repossessed
11. Legion Of The Damned (feat. Peter TÃĪgtgren)

Limited-edition cover (includes extra track and bonus DVD):

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SANGRE is a Raging, Aggressive, Unstoppable Beast of a Metal Band. The band was established in The summer of 1999 by Vocalist Henry Sanchez and after a handful of line-up changes later joined by Guitarists Mike Reyes, Anthony Ibarra, Bassist Danny Perez, and Drummer Josh Durante. This Southern California based quintet have Set the standard and are continually raising the bar as one of the hardest working, driven, ravenous, and overall talented bands not only in their local scene but worldwide.

SANGRE Delivers their unique genre breaking sound with "Brute Force" and awesome stage presence that Electrifies crowds everywhere they perform. No matter what size the crowd or stage SANGRE puts on a show full of energy, passion, and raw emotion that rivals the best live bands and makes them standout from the rest of the pack! While performing in Hollywood @ The Whisky A Go Go in November of 2007, SANGRE grabbed the attention of and soon after signed a digital distribution deal with Beta Records

SANGRE has their eyes set on even bigger things. 

Henry Sanchez - Vocals
Mike Reyes - Guitar
Anthony "Ant" Ibarra - Guitar
Danny Perez - Bass
Josh "Roach" Durante - Drums

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