Thursday, November 15, 2012

ATOMIC HEAD reveals its debut album

Chilean thrash metal band ATOMIC HEAD have reveals the details of its new album called "March of the Urban Zombies". The album will be released in Marc, 2013 and it will contain a total of 9 tracks, two of them were released previously on its self-titled debut EP in 2006.

"March of the Urban Zombies" was recorded at DM6 Studios and Produced by its guitarist and vocalist Sebastian Galindo with Pablo Clares. The art cover was designed by Jumali Katani and the logo of the band was created by Chris Horst ( ).

The complete list of songs is the following:

1. I want you
2. March of the Urban Zombies
3. Atomic Dawn
4. Friendly Knives
5. Lie and Deny
6. The Punishment
7. Nuclear Attack
8. Payback Time
9. Nephilim

Sebastián G - guitar / vocals
Luis Pozo - guitars
Diego Carrillo - bass/backing vocals
Max Campos - drums

You can listen the EP "Atomic Head" entirely on the following location. Get more updates about this release by going to the bands official Facebook page.

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