Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beyond Creation: Probably one of the best technical death metal bands in the world

I asked myself: “What kind of metalhead am I?” I could not believe when I first heard Beyond Creation. It was enough to hear the first few minutes of a single song to realize the massive music monster that stood before me. “How come I never heard them before?” is the question that comes to mind. I mean… with a first album they broke the scale of what a work of death metal should be and still were able to innovate what is very difficult within a genre that continuously presents bands that try to be increasingly brutal and fast to gain focus. 

Once again I was attracted by brilliant musicians who left me stupefied with their ability and ingenuity not only in the musical structure they compose but also as individuals. They are a progressive/technical death metal quartet (Simon Girard - vocals/guitar; Kevin Chartre - guitar; DominicForestLapointe - bass; Guyot Begin-Benoit – drums)  from Québec, Canada called Beyond Creation and with their first album release (“The Aura”) in 2011 they left many metallers stunned. Their appearance was totally unexpected, manly for being a jovial band formed in 2005 that after a demo that has not received close attention created a full-length that deeply hit the metal community with its brutality and for having a fresh sound.

The production of the “The Aura” was at least professional, one of the best productions of death metal I ever heard. The whole sound is crystal clear like water, every instrument is perfectly audible including the fretless bass and all of them protrude together and solo magnificently. The term overlay does not exist in this death metal composition there´s not a single note muffled and instruments superposed by others. Other impeccable factor in the album is that both the melodic and heavier parts are well distributed and fit seamlessly in all the songs creating the perfect atmosphere without it being necessary the use of a background.

The progression of the music is thrilling; the songs are able to unleash a vast arsenal of influences, techniques and rhythms and always mutate to something new with a stronger character be it heavy or calm, raw or melodic, pure death or progressive. With a well varied composition it would be expected that sometimes the progression had failures and the music would lose its natural evolution with phrases that wouldn´t make sense or wouldn´t fit but this is not the case. They show us a labored sound with a very complex construction that brings the best of the style that never fell in the error of progressing in the wrong direction always maintaining the vitality and roots of the work.

Sometimes they remind bands such as “The Faceless” and “Obscura” for being a death metal that embraces influences of “Animal as Leaders” (progressive metal) and the harmony of technical melodies with the help of the fretless bass, that at first can be questionable but after being heard carefully becomes a powerful ally for the musical ambient, with the help of the keyboards to give that deep texture and the drums that stay incredibly strong and always present, being heavy when the music requires it or being in a relax mood when the guitar or bass have a powerful line. 

Other times they appear to be a ravenous formation like “Necrophagist” with hungry to discharge a fierce current of fast and brutal death metal to make you hair stand on end with an outstanding performance of the guitar, bass and drums that sound very technical and smooth and does not exaggerate by repeating riffs or beats, doing crazy fast flourished solos, instead the instruments stays faithful to what the music is and delivers a wide range of styles and techniques with hungry for destruction. 

Still Beyond Creation delivers a sound that is unique despite the similarities with other bands and I even risk to say they are one of the best technical death metal bands in the world.

01. No Request for the Corrupted
02. Coexistence
03. Chromatic Horizon
04. Omnipresent Perception
05. Injustice Revealed
06. Le Détenteur
07. The Aura
08. Social Disability
09. Elevation Path
10. The Deported

Fans interested in finding out more about Beyond Creation can visit the band's Facebook page.

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