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Enlightenment and Death with Acrimonious` Sunyata

The black metal scene embraces a new work from the satanic band Acrimonious called “Sunyata” as a key to open the mystic doors to enlightenment and death through the light of darkness.

Acrimonious is more than just a band delivering music to entertain people and like a black metal entity moved by dark forces their purpose is hated by some, adored by others and a great majority is not even aware (perhaps because of fear and nescience) of how deep and mysterious is the path of darkness.

They are a Greek formation with Cain Letifer (guitar/vocals), Semjaza 218 (guitars), C. Docre (drums), Akhkhar (bass) and ar-Ra`d al-Iblis (Lyrics/vocals) creating infernal music based on typhonian concepts, in other words they are bonded to the occult and magick´s, being the music the process of worshiping malevolent gods or deity’s and magical alchemical processes. Using the words of C. Letifer: “Black Metal is the phallus that impregnates the Womb of Lillith which oozes with the amrita of immortality. It is a weapon of transformation and demonic self-exploration, the coming-forth of Set who is hidden in the unconscious.”

The Typhonian concepts used by the band arise from the Greek Mythology more specifically from Thypon, the last son of Gaia and most fearsome monster of all creatures. This devilish figure and the occult that surrounds it give life to the concepts discussed in the Typhonian Order, previously known as the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), a magical order based in the United Kingdom originally led by British occultist Kenneth Grant.

The Typhonian order focuses their efforts in the study of the “The Book of the Law” with core topics such as Crowley religious philosophies (Thelema) and magick. They worship deities such as Nuit, Hadit, Horus, Babalon, Chaos, Baphomet, Choronzon, Ma´at and others.

The original O.T.O. was founded by the German industrialist Carl Kellner and after his death in 1905 Theodor Reuss became Outer Head of the Order. Aleister Crowley took Reuss´ place in 1925 in a conference of Grand Masters.

With the World War II the order was almost destroyed and its members were driven underground. Karl Germer (Crowley´s successor) was incarcerated by the Nazis. By the end of the war the sole surviving organization was AgapĂ© Lodge in California, where Germer moved after he was released by the Nazis in 1941.

It is believed that the order is now led by their deputy Michael Staley.

The message Acrimonious wants to pass is simple - “Your own end” according to their words.
Sunyata” concentrates on different points of the path of the adversary. Each song is like a ritual of invocation, dedicated either to a deity or to a magickal alchemical process. There are songs that focus on the female aspect of the great void which transcends duality, via duality (union of Samael-Lilith) which are expressed through the vehicle of the holy goddess Hecate ( Hecate is associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, fire, light, the moon, magic , witchcraft, necromancy and sorcery). Also, there are songs about the Solar active current of the Nightside which is phallic in essence (Lucifer is adored here).

In an effort of trying to find a meaning to the name of the album “Sunyata” I found that there is an order of the Stelar Gnosis of Thelema called Ordo Sunyata Vajra with traditions of Buddhism and deepening my research I was able to discover that Sunyata is the profound meaning of the Mahayana Teaching.

Two thousand and five years ago, the Buddha was able to realize “emptiness”. By doing so he freed himself from unsatisfactoriness. From the standpoint of enlightenment, sunyata is the reality of all worldly existences. The realisation of sunyata leads one to no attachment and clinging. It is the skilful means towards enlightenment and also the fruit of enlightenment.

Sunyata” differs in a good way from the last full-length “Purulence”. This work contains 8 tracks of well composed black metal with a blend of classic heavy metal with many new components such as the predominance of the ritualistic atmosphere, melodic ambiance and poetic lyrics. Acrimonious further developed their sound with an excellent new line-up that brings the Chaos in each sound, in each note they play. I absolutely love the intro song “Nexus Aosoth” a dark and tenebrous melodic string work with a huge atmosphere that takes you in a mystery road of mysticism. Other songs such as “Glory crowned Son of the Thousand Petalled Lotus”, “The Sloughted Scales of Seperation” and “Black Kundalini” are brain destructing constructions of pure evil with crazy heavy black metal and fast tempos.

Overall: in a general way the album delivers a very mature Acrimonious with an evident evolution since the last full-length. It offers a good style of black metal with a little flavor of the classic heavy metal, that really good old school thrashy sound. Besides that this work is immersed in a really dark and deep atmosphere with really deep lyrics and that gives a nice texture to “Sunyata”. I recommend this album to metalheads that like occult themes and bands like Venom, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Mayhem, Malign, Acherontas and Morbid Angel.

The band's second full-length album entitled Sunyata is due to be released on Agonia Records on the 28th November in Europe and 5th February in the USA.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Sitra Ahra and Unreal Studios with the assistance of Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Adorior, Ondskapt, Destroyer 666). It will be available as digital download, CD/LP with booklet and limited to 100 copies splatter vinyl with 20 page booklet including an A2 poster. The album can be pre-ordered here.

1. Vitalising the Red-Purple in Ishet Zenunim
2. Glory-Crowned Son of the Thousand-Petalled Lotus
3. The Hollow Wedjat
4. Lykania Hekate
5. Erset La Tari 
6. Nexus Aosoth
7. The Sloughed Scales of Seperation
8. Adharma

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