Saturday, November 17, 2012

FINSTERFORST releases new video "Nichts als Asche"

The nature-loving warriors hailing from the German Black Forest FINSTERFORST has posted a new video for the the song "Nichts als Asche" taken from their fourth album "Rastlos" ("Restless") which will be released November 23rd, 2012 through Napalm Records. The video filmed by Peter Hamm & Lukas Wezel, cut & edited by Peter Hamm & Simon Schillinger can be seen below.

"Rastlos" offers the listener their definite masterpiece so far, the five mighty and overlong songs present themselves as a sweeping diversity of melodies and moods. FINSTERFORST combine melancholic folklore, untamed Black Metal fury with majestic soundscapes, thus giving the songs a hypnotic dynamic. This particular effect is strengthened by the sophisticated and fitting use of authentic instruments like the accordion or a full horn section. The great vocal work add to this result and range from grim vocals to proud choirs. All these ingredients make "Rastlos" an intensive adventure, just like wandering through the enthralled and mystical places of the Black Forest. A majestic and epic masterpiece! 

A majestic and epic masterpiece! Black Forest Metal!

1. Nichts als Asche
2. Fremd 
3. Am Scheideweg
4. Stirbt Zuletzt 
5. Ein Lichtschein 
6. Rast
7. Flammenrausch

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