Friday, November 23, 2012

Idaaliur streams "Always Here, Already Gone"

Lyon, France, Depressive and Atmospheric Black Metal one man project Idaaliur was created by Malphas in December 2010. Deep and sad Atmospheric Black Metal following the Scandinavian Black Metal musical paths yet integrating some Symphonic sounds in order to make it the more majestic as possible. Lyrics are about Human's feelings, nature, loneliness.  A new song from the upcoming album "Rainbow of Solitudes" called "Always Here, Already Gone" can be streamed below"Winds Of Beauty" EP is available for free download here.

You can listen "Beyond The Unconscious"and  "Winds Of Beauty", here!

Malphas : All Instruments + Vocals

Through the mist of life
I wanted to see the light
Afraid, attracted
See not more than the blue of your eyes
The blue of an ancient dream
The meaning of my destiny

I was never told that my sins
would lead me to death
the great solitude in my heart
the sadness that fills my eyes
Holding my breath,
you disappear a day
like a never ending star
and I cry for those times
Never you will come back
I sit at the side of the path
wondering why
wonder how a blue sky
could become a never-ending night 

I shall become your shadow
I shall be your night
a choice that wasn't mine
but I deserve this life

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