Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New REIGN OF VENGEANCE Single From Upcoming EP Out Today

Arizona Death Unit REIGN OF VENGEANCE (ROV) have released new single "Fuck The Recession: Kill Those That Caused It" today. The song will appear on upcoming EP The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion, which is scheduled for a November 20th release on ROV imprint Synister Empire Records. Stream the single at this location and/or buy it at www.cdbaby.com/cd/reignofvengeance1.

ROV vocalist Marshall Beck released the following statement about the upcoming EP:

"'The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion' is an EP crafted in the standard REIGN OF VENGEANCE new-school, horror-oriented, death metal fashion. As always this upcoming REIGN OF VENGEANCE album features musicians of the already proven and established top tier Metal and music industry Elite.

Contrary to REIGN OF VENGEANCE's previous release The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion is a concept EP. While other bands are currently tossing the [The All Seeing Eye]symbol around because it seems like the trendy thing to do, REIGN OF VENGEANCE front man Marshall "Fucking" Beck has grown to know its aims, its religion, and the goals of its sects of the powerful and of the Elite. He has grown to know THE faith in its power, its guidance, and the rewards for those that abide by its will.

With the age of Osiris having ended and the age of Isis coming to a close the New World Age (Order) of Horus shall bring forth a world peace that shall last throughout the remaining aeons of man'kind's' time. The second form of Atlantis shall rise forth and bring with it ONLY the enlightened and illuminated individuals.

With every revolution there is always ascension. Therefore, in order for ITS quest for world peace to be complete there must first be a massive internment and conflagration/decontamination of the flesh from billions, the flesh of the non-believers and ascenders from ITS Faith. REIGN OF VENGEANCE's 'The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion' focuses on what will enable this holocaust as well as how it will transpire through the eyes of the rebellious tiers-the common tiers-and the upper Elite tiers. But, do not worry common civilians-(vermin), this album is all just a work of fiction.... Sleep well."

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