Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Plutonian Shore/ A Transylvanian Funeral Split Out Now On Forbidden Records

On Halloween of this year, Forbidden Records' unleashed Alchemical Manifestations, a black metal split release featuring San Antonio's PLUTONIAN SHORE and Tucson's A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL. The split is available on Pro CD-R with four-page inserts and on Pro Tape with inserts, free download codes, and two buttons.

A digital version is also available for purchase, as well as free streaming,

The album can also be purchased at  and from PLUTONIAN SHORE at

1. Plutonian Shore - To Open the Gate
2. Plutonian Shore - A Thousand Eyes
3. Plutonian Shore - The Beast and The Mirror
4. Plutonian Shore - The Fifth Illusion
5. Plutonian Shore - Consecrating the Flesh (live)
6. Plutonian Shore - Path to Amenti (live)
7. A Transylvanian Funeral - The Supreme Rite of Transmutation
8. A Transylvanian Funeral - Night Hags
9. A Transylvanian Funeral - Moonchild
10. A Transylvanian Funeral - Light Cast Out

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