Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reissue of WANDERER's Bypassing the Abyss Out Now Via Dunkelheit Produktionen

The reissue of the once lost relic that is WANDERER's Bypassing the Abyss is now available through Germany's Dunkelheit Produktionen. 

Originally released on Magik Art in 2005, this rare recording of dark and atmospheric black metal, which was noticeably flawed due when original master was damaged before pressing, has been carefully repaired and re-mastered so every misanthropic second rings through in the way it was intended. 

The new edition of Bypassing the Abyss comes as a digipak with 12-page booklet including Mysterion's [vocals/lyrics/artwork] original pictures and art editing of the known Russian designer Al.Ex [Mayhem Project]. 

Dunkelheit Produktionen has plans for a vinyl edition in 2013. 

Copies of Bypassing the Abyss are available at

Mysterion - vocal, lyrics and artwork
Dragonheart - all instruments and back-vocals

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