Friday, November 9, 2012

SARATAN: New Video Released "Ba'al Zevuv"

Polish, Thrash Metal band SARATAN has posted a new video clip for the song Ba'al Zevuv taken of the upcoming full-length entitled "Martya Xwar" which will released November 23rd, 2012 through Massacre Records. The video clip can be seen below.

1. Taj-e Sahra
2. Mastema  
3. Verminous Disease  
4. Ba'al Zevuv 
5. Silent Sound of Mourning  
6. The Sacred Path of Martya Xwar  
7. God That Disappears  
8. Asmodea
Saratan is an Arabic word which means "Cancer", and the band's logo is written in Arabic letters (سرطان).

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