Monday, November 12, 2012

SKELETAL REMAINS' Beyond the Flesh Out Now

Beyond the Flesh, the debut fill-length from California death metallers SKELETAL REMAINS is out now on FDA Rekotz (UK release is December 3rd) in CD, digital, and vinyl LP formats. 

The LP comes in a glossy gatefold jacket and includes a bonus track cover of GORGUTS' "Disincarnated." As one would expect from an FDA Rekotz release, Beyond the Flesh is classic Death Metal from the rotten crypt and awakens the spirit of the late 80s/ early 90s Morrisound crush. If you like the early hymns of GORGUTS, PESTILENCE, DEATH, and MORGOTH surely you'll freak out over SKELETAL REMAINSBeyond The Flesh will launch you right back to that storied era and leave you breathless. 

Selections from the album and ordering info can be found at

1.Extirpated Vitality
2.Desolate Isolation
3.Reconstructive Surgery  
4.Carrion Death
5.Traumatic Existence
7.Homicidal Pulchritude
8.Sub-Zero Termination
Disincarnated (Gorguts Cover LP Bonus track
Chris Monroy - Guitar/Vocals
Adrius Marquez - Bass
Christian Reyes - Drums
Adrian Obregon - Guitar

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