Saturday, November 17, 2012

The free compilation album for The Education is available.

The digital album called "La Educacion, Nuestra Razon" that contains 14 bands from Chile is available now at this location for free download, see the following link.

"La Educacion, Nuestra Razon" is a free album that gathered 14 Chilean metal Bands and Artists. Half of this list have recorded an exclusive track for this compilation, and the other half licensed their already released material with the only propose of protesting and make awareness of their problem.

The complete list of bands is the following:

1. RATZINGER - R3volucion (2012)
2. KRUDO - Codigos de Ignorancia (2012)
3. RADIO MOSCU - Que Hago Entre Las Filas (2012)
4. GROTESK - Bien De Consumo (2012)
5. PRIMITIVO - Hacia El FInal (2012)
6. PIROSAINT - Somos Legion (feat.Vastator/Raining) (2012)
7. SINSILENCIO - Alba (2011)
8. ULTRAMORTAL - Porque? (2010)
9. EGREGOR - Libera (2011)
10. REEX - Insurexion (2010)
11. AKBAL -  Entre Tus Manos (2007)
12. UDK - Rechazo (2003) bonus
13. PRIMATE - Aun Vives Tanquilo (2001) bonus
14. THE REAKTION - I am Somebody (2012) bonus

Ivan Vega (Ratzinger) commented:
"Its been a while since we had the idea of make a song that will support the student movement, so when we spoke with Ignacio Orellana to see the possibility of doing something with it, we knew it was going to be possible. Its been a great pleasure to be in a compilation with bands such as PIROSAINT, GROTESK, PRIMITIVO, KRUDO (among the others), where everyone is supporting the same idea."

Check out RATZINGER's R3volution audio below:

Ignacio Orellana (Pirosaint/Digmetalworld/KulMusic) commented:
"For us at Digmetalworld/KulMusic, it has been a truly pleasure to be able to work on this project, because of the fact that it gave us the possibility to participate as musician and coordinators of bands of it. It was exiting to gathered all these bands under the same roof and have them show the same intention as one big voice. We would like to mention that some bands recorded a special song for this album and their effort it was just amazing, bands such as KRUDO, GROTESK, RADIO MOSCU, PRIMITO, VASTATOR and RAINING. With all we have done we hope that the result would be noticed by the people, here they will find good music and great lyrics."

Check out PIROSAINT's Somos Legion (feat. Vastator and Raining)

For more information about these bands, lyrics and pictures you can go to its official Facebook page.

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