Sunday, November 25, 2012

Watain: Live Performing at Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival 2012

Below can be seen a professional video footage for Swedish black metal heathens Watain performing "Sworn To The Dark" and a good quality fan video footage performing "Malfeitor", "Sworn To The Dark" and "Total Funeral" at Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival 2012, enjoy.

Swedish black metal heathens WATAIN unleashed a new DVD upon the masses. Titled Opus Diaboli, the production commemorates the band’s 13 years of chaos by providing a visual and audio documentation of their ceremonial anniversary concert performance in Stockholm and the long years of physical, intellectual and spiritual work leading up to it. Opus Diaboli is an epic 90-minute journey into the forbidden realms of wild-hearted Satanic metal and the manifestation of a unique band that has truly chosen a path few have ever dared to tread upon.

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