Sunday, December 9, 2012

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL Unleashes New Video "Objectofilia Platónica"

Portuguese, Brutal Death/ Gore/ Grind band HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL has posted a new video clip for the song "Objectofilia Platónica" taken off of the absolutely astonishing 3rd opus "Gorefilia" released worldwide in April 2012 after signed a deal with Xtreem Music. HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL has been developing through the years into a bulldozer-like soundmachine til reaching this awesome new album that will definitely put them on top of the bands of their genre. "Gorefilia" features 18 songs with a great production and a repulsive presentation, perfect for lovers of bands like ABORTED, CANNIBAL CORPSE, early DERANGED, NAPALM DEATH, SUFFOCATION, CARCASS. 

This new album "Gorefilia" definitely has put HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL on a new level and grabbed the attention from the worldwide Death Metal audience for their top-quality stuff and sheer blasting brutality. Album comes with a truly bizarre cover art as well as a killer inner design. 

You can now see "Objectofilia Platónica" video clip, enjoy!

01. Córtex 
02. Objectofilia Platónica 
03. Afogada em Vomito 
04. Colapso Clismafílico 
05. Supremacia Carnívora 
06. Lactofilia Destalhada 
07. Prepúcio Obliterado 
08. Mutilada em 10s 
09. Perfurada por Anzóis 
10. Orifícios 
11. Compulsâo Mucofágica 
12. Trucidada na Paragem 
13. Acrotomofilia Zoófila 
14. Nojo 
15. Vorarefilia - Antropofagia Auto Infligida II 
16. Gore & Gajas 
17. Putrescência Necromântica 
18. Fascínio Paradoxal

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