Saturday, December 15, 2012

ISENSCUR ‘Mōnaþfylen’ LP available NOW! Full-length sample track

“Thus we bring loathly terror upon the one whose life and the light of whose faith we resent! The individual is a blind mechanism; the ingenious calculation, the imposing harmony, is in the whole, the ritual integration of the opposites in the crucible of fullmoon's light.”

‘Mōnaþfylen’, the powerful and diverse debut from English black metal band ISENSCUR.

Surges of pounding, primeval violence flow into soaring, windswept melodies and engulfing atmospheres of oceanic depths...

12" black vinyl LP with artwork/lyrics insert.

Also available from: Terratur Possessions (Norway), Ván Records (Germany), Duce Distro (Russia), Astrum Tempestas (Germany) and other distros soon.

Release date: available NOW!

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