Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NECHOCHWEN's OtO LP Now Available on Bindrune Recordings

After enduring a planning stage that has spanned the full length of 2012, Bindrune Recordings is pleased to bring you the highly anticipated OtO, the third release of Native American driven classical/folk/metal. Stunning classical guitar work sits comfortably with mature and forward thinking metal to somehow transport the listener back in time where peoples values and daily lives were very different and strange to our own in this rotting modern world. Visit to order.  

This stunning release is presented in 3 packages:
-Limited Ox Blood colored wax package with a t-shirt (shown)
-Limited Clear wax with a patch
-Black wax pressing for the fidelity purists.

All three packages come with a digital download Card!

You can stream OtO in its entirety at

Formed in 2005, West Virginia's Nechochwen is the passionate exploration of Native American Indian heritage through stunning classical guitar instrumentation empowered by atmospheric and deadly metal. A lush atmosphere arises from the art created by Nechochwen as found on the critically acclaimed albums Algonkian Mythos (Dark Horizon) and Azimuths to the Otherworld (Bindrune Recordings). OtO continues on the path set by its predecessors, by further refining the message and adventurous musical output/vision to truly transport the listener back to earlier times in an attempt to achieve a sense of wholeness.

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