Friday, December 14, 2012

NEPENTE Release Video For "Suffering is the Seed"

Colombian death/black metal assassins NEPENTE have released a video for the title track to their forthcoming album Suffering is the Seed

The album is due out soon on In the meantime, soak in the visual sickness at this location

Savage and unforgiving, yet smartly composed for maximum memory retention, Suffering is the Seed is not only NEPENTE's finest offering to date; it further solidifies a proud tradition of South American extreme metal. Mixed and mastered at Poland's legendary Hertz Recording Studio (VADER, HATE, BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, etc), Suffering is the Seed seeks only to do harm.

1. Suffering is the Seed
2. Hell is the Name of this Land
3. Merciful Death
4. Hear me Howl
5. Slaves Will Always be Slaves
6. Die for Me
7. This Shroud is Yours
8. The Swamp

José F. Ospina (vocals)
Mauricio Aristizábal (drums)
Esteban Daza (guitar)
Wilmar Correa (bass)
Pablo Vaquez (guitar)

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