Monday, December 31, 2012

PRODUCT OF HATE issues year-end update, 2013 preview...

"Another day at the office." Photo by Katrina May
Product of Hate, August 2012. 
Left to Right: Adam Gilley, Mike McGuire, Geno Rathbone, Cody Rathbone, Mark Campbell.
PRODUCT OF HATE has issued an update about 2012...  and opens the door to 2013, check it out below.

2012 was a hell of a year. While we haven't yet embarked on a National Tour or partnered with a label just yet, 2012 presented Product of Hate with several opportunities to get in front of a larger audience, both here in the 'States and Globally. In 2012, we released two music videos... a pair of brand-new singles... entered the studio three different times... received major press from numerous different outlets... and witnessed our most ambitious video to-date premiere to a live audience at a historic theater in Chicago. Along the way, we played a lot of shows with some great bands, all while getting to meet our metal brothers and sisters face-to-face. We made a lot of new friends this year, and yes, a few new enemies as well. All in all, not a bad year for five guys from Southeastern Wisconsin, we think! Below you'll find a timeline with some of our favorite moments and accomplishments of 2012 as we prepare for a massive 2013.

-02/08/12: "Blood Coated Concrete" is released as our first-ever music video. Posted on YouTube, the clip quickly gains traction in launching Product of Hate to a National audience. The video release leads to the band being featured on several websites.

-03/05/12: Product of Hate returns to Belle City Sound in Racine, Wisconsin for the recording of a new single. Reuniting with producer Chris Wisco (who previously helmed our debut EP), plans are made for a pair of singles to be released in 2012.

-04/01/12: Product of Hate becomes one of SuperCuts' "Rock the Cut" artists. Our single, "Start the March" is made available as a free download on the Supercuts website, while the song hits rotation for in-store play at select Supercuts locations.

-05/22/12: "Revolution of Destruction" is released as a digital single. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and most other digital music retailers.

-08/23/12: AOL Noisecreep presents the exclusive premiere of "A Well Deserved Death". 

-08/28/12: "A Well Deserved Death" is released as a digital single. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and most other digital music retailers.

-09/14/12: "The Unholy Manipulator" short film has it's theatrical World Premiere at The Portage Theater in Chicago, Illinois. Presented as a part of the Terror in the Aisles 12 Film Festival, "The Unholy Manipulator" received the big-screen treatment for one-night only. Based on the title track to our 2010 EP, this longform music video stars Ashley Laurence (HELLRAISER, Slipknot's "Snuff") in the title role, along with Tim Lovelace (MOSQUITO, BUNYAN) as her victim, the film features special make-up and visual FX by Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps. Kurtzman (creator of FROM DUSK 'TILL DAWN, director of WISHMASTER) also served as a producer on the ambitious short film. The film is immortalized with it's own profile on the IMDb.

-10/29/12: Leading horror website Bloody-Disgusting hosts the exclusive online premiere for "The Unholy Manipulator" short film. 

-10/30/12: reviews "The Unholy Manipulator" short film, calling it "a new gory torturous entry into the horror stratosphere," adding that it's "A great marriage of hard rock and the horror genre served up just the way we like it…..cold and angry!"

-10/31/12: Just in time for Halloween, "The Unholy Manipulator" hits YouTube for a Global audience.

-December 2012: Product of Hate enters Mercenary Digital Studios in Zion, Illinois for the recording of three new songs for 2013. For the first time, the band is working with engineer Scott Creekmore, and working to craft new music that will refine and redefine the Product of Hate sound.

As we look ahead into 2013, Product of Hate would like to thank our friends and fans for their lasting support, along with issuing a hearty shout to all of the bands that we've played with over the past twelve months, the venues that have welcomed us, the press/media/websites that have helped spread the word, and to all who have supported Product of Hate in all of our endeavors! 

We'll see you next year!

Spread the Hate,
Adam, Mike, Geno, Cody, and Mark
December 30, 2012


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