Sunday, December 16, 2012

Project Pain Unveils new video "Retribution"

Netherlands, Thrash Metal band Project Pain has posted a new video clip for the track "Retribution" taken off of the debut full-length "I Have Sinned" self-released this year. The video can be seen below.

Project Pain is a band formed in January of 2011, former bands : Killer Force, Virtual, Thanatos and Necrotaph. The line-up is a follows: Bauke Goudbeek , Guido den Hoed, Roland van der Kruk, Stephan Sewsingh and Diederik Hauksson.

Here can be heard ten tracks from the album "I Have Sinned", you too can do download legally and free. Can you feel the pain?

01. False Prophet 03:50
02. Retribution 04:20
03. W.O.D. 03:48
04. I Have Sinned 04:02
05. Thrashopolis 03:45
06. Canister 02:50 instrumental
07. Embrace Death 03:31
08. Hatred 02:56
09. House of Pain 03:45
10. Silent But Deadly 02:34

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