Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sexy Female Trio Hunter Valentine Unleashes New Video "Liar Liar"

Like all great love stories, Hunter Valentine’s began in a dark, crowded bar when girl met girl and an unbreakable bond was forged over cheap beer and rail whiskey. Armed with a fake ID and a king’s ransom in talent, Kiyomi McCloskey was looking for a drummer and found her rhythmic soul mate in Laura Petracca. It was the first two sides of a Rubik’s Cube. Eight years, two record labels, and three studio albums later, the band has solidified their line-up, put down roots in Brooklyn, and grown their fan base steadily across North America and the globe.

Here's a new video for the song "Liar Liar" from the sexy female trio Hunter Valentine.  They are currently on tour with Sum41, selling out shows all over the country.  The song is a hit and the video is fun, and visually pleasing to say the least! Check out below, enjoy!

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