Saturday, December 8, 2012

UVIKRA Signs With badGod Music

Lithuanian progressive black/death metal act UVIKRA has signed with badGod Music. 

Founded in September 2009, Uvikra is a one man black/death metal project hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania. The single and singular member (Loikav), has created an unorthodox sound.  While brutal and grisly in its rawness, this sound is tempered with a subtle progressive element.  Unnaturally glottal vocals add to the unworldly feel while lamenting the futility of earthly existence.

Uvikra has three releases to its credit. The first was the self-titled full-length released September 23, 2010. An EP, Patterns of Life, was released April 9 2011. Both of these releases are available for free download on Uvikra's Bandcamp site.

The most recent material, gathered together in the form of the full-length Bi, was originally released November 15,  2011. Currently available as a digital download on both the Uvikra and badGod music Bandcamp pages, it will see a proper physical release in early 2013. 

Cover Art for Bi

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