Thursday, December 20, 2012

Xanthochroid: Wintersun's Land of Snow and Sorrow (Folk Cover)

Xanthochroid, in promotion of their first full length album, "Blessed He With Boils" (Which releases Dec, 21st), have released a music video for an acoustic song titled, "Winter's End"

"As Xanthochristmas start to come to a close and our debut album, Blessed He With Boils, releases tomorrow, we provide you our penultimate gift, an entire song (shortend) from the record. "Winter's End" is an atypical Xanthochroid song, showcasing the Folk/Acoustic side of our music and completely devoid of metallic elements. This music video is also canon within our fantasy universe, providing a very brief glimpse into the power struggle between estranged brothers Thanos and Ereptor, both fighting for their place on the throne of Septentria."

Also, Xanthochroid has released a Folk Cover of Wintersun's "Land of Snow and Sorrow" Jari has shared the video on his personal Facebook and the Wintersun official page and is now going viral in the metal community!

Long live Xanthochroid, long live the king! “Blessed He With Boils” as an Album Of The Month

Pre-Orders for Xanthochroid's Critically acclaimed and long-awaited debut album, "Blessed He With Boils" is now available for Digital and Physical Pre-orders!
Orders will also recieve a bonus track called "Eternal Stagnum Damnation" that is available ONLY if you pre-order!
Digital Album Download of "Blessed He With Boils" 10$ USD
Physical Album, Digi-pak w/booklet 12$ USD + Shipping (Also includes digital download)

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