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Barb Wire Dolls: Like in 1981 Punk´s Not Dead!

Pic by: Cindy Linville
Probably the most famous words inside the punk scene and to the date remain an incontrovertible truth to a movement that saw its name associated to rebellion of teenagers, drugs, sex, anarchism and even Nazism and Fascism to a lifestyle that should be banned by the extravagance of a life without moral values, a movement that resisted the constant attack of society. These words are the title of the album of The Exploited released in 1981 with the intent to annul the critics who believed the genre was dead and to fight back new movements such as new wave, hardcore and post-punk and the album started a new musical cycle and launched a new and still current war cry (the name of the album) - “Punk´s Not Dead”. True!

The history of the misunderstood and unruly rebel has born way behind when the term to define its name wasn´t even there, it all started with rock and roll and social alienation combined with a new attitude and clothes to symbolize those changes. Rock and roll brought teen culture, teen rebellion and a desire to create your own entity using music and dressing style. It was a way to enjoy a young life free of parents and social chains and to claim liberty. During this time (between 60´s and 70´s) the speed mode was on and a massive boom of musical culture occurred, music was selling great and of course capitalism took the opportunity to make money with garage bands that became fashion like The Beatles. Gradually the rebel was earning its name and the term punk rock appears in the United States originally around 1974 with the band Ramones, leather jackets, jeans and simple/short distorted noisy music that broke The distance between musician and public inciting other teenagers to form their bands. In England punk rock was seen like cultural decadence and the movement evolved to its true essence, to the punk itself as a reaction to the “non-violence” way of “hippie” music. Sex pistols were the first of the genre to appear in 1975 with anarchistic symbols and demonstrating a profound nihilism and pessimism, assaulting directly policy and diverse elements of the mainstream culture with sarcasm and pure noisy offensive punk. Thereafter punk never stopped growing and became a movement, more than that it became a way of life.

Photo credit: Rick Edwards
If you ask me what do I like in the punk scene nowadays I am very likely to answer that short and simple “nothing much!”, I’m not taking credit of bands of today but that sound is just too  danceable, too flourished and make me want to puke when listening to it. You can give me Patti Smith, The Stooges, The Clash, Dead Kennedys, Butthole Surfers, you can give me loud, raw, old school punk and everything will be okay but just don´t try to give me that melodic, emotional shit, modern punk or else stuff gets ugly! Don´t take me wrong punk is punk whatever the style, whatever the variation and If you like that kind of variation of punk that´s okay with me, everyone has a different taste. Punk isn´t only about music, it´s about being different, different but united, it’s about history, struggle, opinion, having a voice, having a loudspeaker against society, it´s about pointing your middle finger and saying “fuck you” to the system, it´s about saying something really important with which we identify and many times rely on, it´s about revolution and freedom! But despite that fact it is also a fact that since great bands like The Pistols, The Who, Ramones, Nirvana, The Cure and so on I can´t remember a punk band that really nailed it with such a impact… well at least until now!

Clear the way for the new hottest and explosive trio Barb Wire Dolls and make room in the hall of fame of Punk ´cause history is already being made and it´s about time to listen to real fucking punk music again… period! They are the first punk band emerging from Crete, Greece and to unleash rebellion in the USA (where they currently remain on tour until June 2013). With the charisma and strong personality of the hot singer Isis Queen, with the riffing energy of Pyn Doll, with the full-throttle drumming of Krash Doll along with the thirst to bring back to life the sleeping old school punk movement they began their own revolution! Barb Wire Dolls is certainly one of the best bands of the genre out there and they have it all, sound, look and an attitude that electrifies wherever they play. The live performances are truly outstanding with Isis claiming the stage and the space of the public to interact with the crowd, to mosh and sing loud to the sound of raw music, it´s like losing ear virginity in a 70´s rock show with sensuality and violence in the mixture. Dolls blend the good old sarcasm of their roots with the strong message “Do something with your life, start a revolution” and of course with punk, lots of punk with a grunge taste, ready to set everything on fire! You can and must acquire their debut album “Slit” that was released in November 2012. “Slit” described in some word is destructive, a pure massive H-bomb, a nuclear sound wave, probably the best punk album of the last two decades with a ravishing, catchy, refreshing and revolutionary face. Like in 1981 Punk´s Not Dead!
Barb Wire Dolls track listing of the debut album:
1. Revolution
2. Your Escape
3. Devil's Full Moon
4. World On Fire
5. Walking Dead
6. Destroyer Boy
7. Wild Child Diamonds
8. Shut Up Slut
9. L.A.
10. I Wanna Know
11. Teenage Crisis
All songs written and performed by Barb Wire Dolls. 
Photo by Daniel J Reyes

Photo on the current cover of the "" magazine by Christopher Stets Photography & Design
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Photo by Alan Rand

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