Thursday, January 24, 2013

OCTOBER TIDE - Album Artwork Cover & Tracklisting Revealed

Swedish Melodic Gloomlords OCTOBER TIDE have revealed the album artwork cover for the band's upcoming full-length effort entitled "Tunnel Of No Light".

Comprising of eight sorrowful, doom-laden tracks, "Tunnel Of No Light" sees the band going towards a somewhat more straightforward yet heavier direction but still very much keeping the traditional OCTOBER TIDE sound.

…::: OCTOBER TIDE - "Tunnel Of No Light" :::…
The final tracklisting for "Tunnel Of No Light" are as follows:
1) Of Wounds To Come
2) Our Constellation
3) Emptiness Fulfilled
4) Caught In Silence
5) The Day I Dissolved
6) Watching The Drowners
7) In Hopeless Pursuit
8) Adoring Ashes

Alexander Högbom (Volturyon, Spasmodic) - Vocals
Fredrik Norrman (Uncanny, ex-Katatonia) - Guitars
Mattias Norrman (Dellamorte, ex-Katatonia, ex-Interment) - Bass
Emil Alstermark  - Guitars
Robin Bergh (Aoria, Palefeather) - Drums

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