Monday, January 21, 2013

Pretty Maids: "Mother of All Lies" Video Released

Danish veterans, Melodic Heavy Metal band "Pretty Maids" has posted a new video for single "Mother of All Lies" out now. The track will appears at upcoming full-length entitled "Motherland" which will be released March 22nd, 2013, through Frontier Records. The videoclip can be seen below.

On the official Facebook page, the band commented:
"Surprise! Video for Mother Of All Lies has just been released. Enjoy and don't forget to buy the track as well. Might be available on Amazon and iTunes later today!"

01. Mother Of All Lies
02. To Fool A Nation
03. Confession
04. The Iceman
05. Sad To See You Suffer
06. Hooligan
07. Infinity
08. Why So Serious
09. Motherland
10. I See Ghosts
11. Bullet For You
12. Who What Where When Why
13. Wasted

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