Sunday, January 27, 2013

Punk`s Not Dead! "Barb Wire Dolls" punk invasion with a REVOLUTION!

Photo credit: Rick Edwards
Greece originally and L.A. based, explosive and exciting new punk band "Barb Wire Dolls" has posted a new official music video for the song "Revolution", check it out below. The new face of Punk bring us the anarchy of the Sex Pistols and the remembrance of the "Godmother of Punk" Patti Smith. Definitely, Punk Is Not Dead!

The band said  :
"A new Punk Revolution is exploding globally and taking no prisioners. We are fed up with the state of the world, Musically, Poltically and Socially. Get ready because we`re coming to your town soon"

And adds: 
"HELLO STREET GENERATION!!! WHAT CITIES IN EUROPE DO YOU WANT Barb Wire Dolls TO COME PLAY LIVE??? We are booking now all countries from UK, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, and ??? > GET READY TO ROCK, RIOT, & RIP IT UP!!!"

Now, check out 2 live videos of the song (in Europe)...

... and in the USA.

Barb Wire Dolls track listing of the debut album:
1. Revolution
2. Your Escape
3. Devil's Full Moon
4. World On Fire
5. Walking Dead
6. Destroyer Boy
7. Wild Child Diamonds
8. Shut Up Slut
9. L.A.
10. I Wanna Know
11. Teenage Crisis
All songs written and performed by Barb Wire Dolls. 

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