Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SERVI DIABOLI`s We Are Hidden full EP streaming

Málaga, Andalusia, Black Metal band Servi Diaboli has posted a full streaming for the new EP "We Are Hidden" self-released today. "We Are Hidden" follows-up to Demo release in 2011. 

SERVI DIABOLI`s Demo was recorded in Setember, 11th 2011 in only 6 hours, the rehearsals just began 4 months before (May). This master piece  is for sale nowadays. Later that year (in December) the group changed its line up after their first gig.

SERVI DIABOLI has now a stable and professional formation with Armando on guitars and chorus, Fernando Puebla from Argentina at drums, P.I.N.O. López from Marbella playing bass and Einsam Vuk from Coín screaming on top of all that.

1. Sinful Souls
2. The Night
3. The First Night of a Vampire 
4. We Are Hidden

You can hear the 2011 Demo here

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