Friday, January 25, 2013

SuddenFlames: "Death Might Be Late" really tasteful sounding!

Their name is SuddenFlames and they are the light born from the ashes of Quebec City Canada Heavy metal/Power metal scene to illumine your path with flaming heavy music that will not leave you indifferent with its strong musical compositions and delightful lyrics. The sound of this powerful quintet is influenced by the old school and the good traditional Power metal of bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall and Helloween and they have to offer a well varied spectrum of musicality with typical melodic European metal and a flavor of that unmistakable American thrash sonority. 

The band was born in 2001 with Jean-Robert Letarte taking the first steps of what would be the fiery force of today. At the age of 15 he brilliantly wrote the song “The Headless Horseman” showing that he wasn´t just a regular kid with the will to make his way through metal but also an inspired lyricist. Only three years later and now with a complete formation, in 2004 a demo entitled “Bewitched Boat” sees the sunlight with Letarte on vocals, Sebastien Latulippe and Eric Vaillancourt on guitars, Pascal Lacombe on bass and Eric Morissette on drums. This demo includes three original songs taken from their current set list of. After the demo release many shows came as supporting acts for bands like Dragonforce, Stratovarius, Kamelot, Paul Di´Anno (ex Iron Maiden) and a Canadian Tour in 2007 with Paul Di´Anno and Dream Quest. After the Tour (two years after) Pascal Lacombe leaves for personal reasons and Pascal Landry takes his place and in the December of 2009 the album “Death Might Be Late” is launched in front of a crowded audience that received it very well along with the critics. Again in 2010 and 2011 the band suffers changes in the line-up and Pascal Lacombe returns as well as new members arrive (Daves Couture - guitar; Nicolas Blanchet - drums) to fill the gap of Eric Vaillancourt and Eric Morissette.

Death Might Be Late” is an awesome power metal album that you should hear, it is no coincidence that these guys were in tour with Paul Di´Anno and Dream Quest and supported great bands of the Power metal scene. Yeah! They aren´t a bunch of wannabes with a few days of experience and luck in the construction of a good album… just to begin one of the greatest songs of the album (in my opinion of course) was written when the vocalist Letarte was only 15 years old! Do I have to say more? When I was 15 I wasn´t able to write a small and good composition the more power metal lyrics! Not to mention his voice… simply amazing!

This album offers much to a metal appreciator from power metal rampage with fiery and fast solos and gallop riffing to a more melodic guitar execution, slower rhythm and profound atmosphere such as in the music “The Piper” always with a complex taste proper of power metal compositions. There isn´t even one music in this album in the category of boring, this work captivates by being so complete and energetic, definitively a must hear to the power lover and it doesn’t ends here… if you are a old school connoisseur this is for you, if you are a European metal lover this is for you, if you are an American taster this is for you, if you are all about tradition you´ve got “Death Might Be Late”. SuddenFlames are one of those bands that despite not offering a refreshing sound they give you a good amount of extremely well played metal with many variances and really, really tasteful sounding!

While waiting for the release of their brand new studio album in 2013, Quebec metal band Suddenflames and Unicorn Digital is presenting a remastered Digipak Edition of the album Death Might Be Late.

Offered in DIGIPAK collectors edition. Get your copy now.

Jean-Robert Letarte: Vocals S├ębastien Latulippe: Guitar Daves Couture: Guitar Pascal Lacombe: Bass Nicolas Blanchet: Drums

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