Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The pre-sale for the METAL4SPLASH 2013 has started!

After an successful Metal4Splash 2012 and a unbelievable amount of positive reactions as well as some constructive negative criticsm we have done some changes for 2013: Improving the good things, eradicating the bad! This year we will present you an attractiv billing with national and international band. Some improvements will be done in the sanitary applications. The improvements and steadly increasing costs, for example the GEMA-fees, have led to a higher ticket prize.

Tickets cost 34,90€ in the pre-sale and are only available at our store at the moment. If the Festival 2013 isn't sold out during the pre-sale there will be tickets available at the box office.

Here is to a successful and above all peaceful METAL4SPLASH 2013!
Three cosy and quite days at the picturesque Weichelsee? Not for us! The first band for this summer is confirmed: TANKARD! The guys are always in the mood for a good joke and have a can of beer at hand. Thus they are the guarantor for the fantastic summer mood we have been looking for and with "A Girl Called Cerveza" Geree and co evenhave a lady visitor in tow – hopefully without a Wet-T-Shirt-Contest! Please welcome: TANKARD at METAL4SPLASH 2013!
The explosive Thrash-Hardcore-mix from Hungary: Founded in 1994 by vocalist and fronter Zoltán Farkas, the quartet has released their latest highly recommended album "Black Flag" which proves EKTOMORFs success in every single song. And that's one of the reasons to bring the guys to Rotenburg - and of course because "I Choke" is one of the best songs ever written. Getting crazy in 2013: EKTOMORF at METAL4SPLASH OPEN AIR!
Tickets are available here
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