Saturday, January 19, 2013

TOTENGEFLÜSTER debut full-length "Vom Seelensterben"

TOTENGEFLÜSTER rides on icy winds into the ear - classic SYMPHONIC BLACK METAL out of the most deepest and gloomiest Swabian abysses! An infernal churning symphony of damnation, fulfilled with hypnotic perfidious beauty!  

What took its pitch-dark beginning in 2007, that matured with the following time until today to one just as bitter bad as opulent sounding symbiosis out of fierceness, despair and grandiloquence. Composer, multi-instrumentalist and artwork artist Totleben, singer and lyricist Narbengrund as well as Drummer Schattendorn will release its debut album spectacle "Vom Seelensterben" on the 01 of February to humanity.

Totleben is under the banner MetalArtworks moreover extensively active also as a graphics artist and collaborated already on international plain with various acts. Information MetalArtworks.

The fog yields the frost ... the whispering of the dead doesn't want to be unheard any longer...

01 – Die Prophezeiung
02 – Ein Traumgespinst
03 – Ein Monolog im Mondschein
04 – gefrorene Tränen
05 – Vom Seelensterben
06 – Der Pakt
08 – Blutsegen - Die strömende Erkenntnis
09 – Ein neuer Pfad
10 – Im Tau der toten Morgensonne
11 – Ein Monolog im Mondschein (orchestral Version) * Bonustrack

Schinder Papst (Zanthropya EX)– additional vocals on „Ein Traumgespinst“
Aggreash (Lyfthrasyr) – additional choir on „Gefrorene Tränen”
Ani – additional vocals on „Ein Monolog im Mondschein“

Marc Globig (Chaossphere) / Warroom Studios – Spaichingen
Artwork & Layout: Totleben (Simon Bossert)


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