Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ukem Records welcomes THE DEATHISODES

Ukem Records has issued the following update:
"We are very pleased to welcome THE DEATHISODES to the UKEM roster. Based around one man, Alex Loader, THE DEATHISIDES is a studio project created to showcase what the UK Underground Metal Scene has to offer by inviting guest musicians to appear on the studio projects. We are set to release the bands second album, ‘Inside The Universe of Horror’ which will feature 12 tracks of blistering melodic death metal. Guest musicians on this new album showcase the wealth of talent currently lurking in the UK underground. Anticipated release date is sometime in June"

Alex Loader about his project adds:
"Well I suppose I should probably start by telling you all how and why this project came to be. It all started during in the mid weeks of July (2011) when things became a little slow with my current band Akakios. I became less involved and interested with music and nearly stopped all together, I cant explain what happened really, was just having a serious downer I think. Basically I didn't feel the same and just ended up doing nothing but playing computer games. I felt it was kinda ruining my life in a way, wasting all those hours, didn't even pick up my guitar.

After a couple of weeks I came to realise that something needed to change. I thought I would start something new to wake me up from the fantasy i was living. So I picked up my guitar and started writing some songs, originally meant to be instrumental album and quickly decided to make them into a completely new project. A project that would be my personal creation, but with guest artists to add extra elements and feelings. I entitled this, The Deathisodes.

The project has become a huge part of my life now and i'm glad it happened, I have stayed true to myself and am much happier. Although if it wasn't for all the guests that have contributing to the project, I probably wouldn't be doing it. So to all of you guys and girls, I thank you."

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