Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Under the Abyss: Worldwide reissue available right now

It's out! French modern-metal act Under the Abyss has just unleashed the worldwide reissue of its debut full-length album, "A wavering path", initially released for Christmas 2011, and available on its own webstore

After releasing two EPs, "Dawn of everything" in 2006 and "Awaken by hate" two years later, UTA toured on the Brittany scene before to perform at many venues and festivals such as Motocultor 2010 (with bands like Madball or Koritni). The growing affluence and reception of the public to the energy developed by the group encouraged them to work on new projects. In 2011, Under the Abyss recorded its debut full-length album, at The Dome Studio founded by The Potvin brothers (Lyzanxia, One Way Mirror, Phaze 1).

By the way, the entire album is also available for full streaming on the band's website

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