Tuesday, January 15, 2013

VÓRTICE joins to Alone Records

Barcelona based four piece metal band VÓRTICE  joins Alone Records roster. New album to be released this Spring 2013.
" We are really excited with this new step forward being part of Alone Records and sharing roster with our friends in Adrift and V3ctors" - Vórtice.
VÓRTICE were kinda pioneers on the first steps of math metal made in Spain. Formed in 2004, VÓRTICE redefined extreme metal sound made in our homeland releasing 2 extraordinray albums 'Human Engine' (2008) and 'Zombie' (2010). Starting from a strong music influences by djent and math metal, band is looking for a new musical step with their third album.
Band talks about this new record: " 'Zombie' was the result of all what our sound means and express. That sound has open all doors to do a more diverse recording. Our style remains the same, but writing works will explore new options, trying to release our sound a way more than before".
Band is presenting their first single 'Before the Blast', taken as a perfect introduction to the sound of new album. You can predict those new elements to be part of the new compositions, with some melodic arrangements as a natural part of their new musical progression.

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