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L2R - Morten Shax - Sregroth Samothton - Mattis Malphas - Carl Balam 
By Regina Kozlik aka Dina DarkArt 
Norwegian Black Metallers ENDEZZMA will set out on a seven-date tour of the Balkan region at the end of this month in support of their recently released album “Erotik Nekrosis”, which appeared on Agonia Records in Europe at the end of last year, and hit the USA on the 5thof February this year. Tour routing for the Balkan Deathmarch Tour as follows:
Fri 27, Quo Vadis Club, Vukovar, Croatia
Sat 28, Orto Bar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mon 01, Gun Club, Belgrade, Serbia
Tue 02, Ag Club, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Wed 03, Eski Beyrut Live, Istanbu, Turkey
Thu 04, Arena Music, Varna, Bulgaria
Fri 05, Talir Club, Jagodina, Serbia
ENDEZZMA are known for producing Black Metal with a cold atmosphere and eerie seductive compositions that are unmistakably Norwegian in origin, but nevertheless have an originality that sets the band apart from the rest. The line up on the “Erotik Nekrosis” album includes founder and frontman Morten Shax on vocals, the late Trondr Nefas (URGEHAL, BEASTCRAFT, VULTURE LORD) and Thomas Myrvold (VULTURE LORD) on guitars, Sregroth (URGEHAL, ÅSMEGIN) on bass, Jarle Uruz Byberg (URGEHAL, ex SHINING) on drums and L.F.Frøislie (WOBBLER, IN LINGUA MORTUA) on synth.
ENDEZZMA recently debuted their first official video  “Junkyard Oblivion”, the opening track from “Erotik Nekrosis”. The video features guest appearances by URGEHAL’s Enzifer and BEASTCRAFT’s Sorath Northgrove, and the band have dedicated the video to ENDEZZMA guitarist and URGEHAL frontman Trondr Nefas. It can be seen below.

More information about ENDEZZMA can be found here.
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