Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chile`s ARSENIUS streaming an extract from the upcoming album "SVPIA/BPMTH"

Iquique, Chile, Black Metal band ARSENIUS has posted online an extract of their upcoming work entitled SVPIA/BPMTH which can be streamed below.

SVPIA is an old form of the word Sophia (wisdom) a Judeo-Christian Goddess and BPMTH is Baphomet a supposed pagan deity. SVPIA/BPMTH is a work that represents a hidden duality. In fact Baphomet was used by Templar Knights as a code to refer to Sophia. They used the Atbash cipher or if you prefer a substitution cipher that consisted in changing the first letter of the alphabet by the last and the second by the second last and so on. If one writes the word Baphomet in Hebrew and uses the cipher the result is the word Sophia in Hebrew of course. The connotation found is that the feminine part of Baphomet universe is Sophia.

ARSENIUS desecrates since 2004 and their published works are a Demo of 2004 "Retorno al Culto Pagano" and an EP entitled "Opus MCXIII" of 2010.

Below can be seen the first video clip of the band for the song Necronomicon taken off of the EP "Opus MCXIII."

More info about the band can be found: facebook.arsenius | myspace.arsenius

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