Monday, February 25, 2013

Derelict releases new live video "Spoils of War"

Montreal technical death metal shredders Derelict has posted a new live video for the song "Spoils of War". The track is taken off of the latest album "Perpetuation," mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY) and released independently on April 20th, 2012.

In related news, recently the band have made their song "Yours To Surpass" available for free download via their Bandcamp page.

"'Yours To Surpass' is about personal strength and determination," explains Derelict vocalist Eric Burnet. "Metal is typically very angry music, but we got a little tired of letting our negative emotions feed themselves, and so this song seeks to turn anger into personal power. You're only helpless if you let yourself be."

DERELICT: Find peace with PERPETUATION - Interview & full stream
02.Spoils Of War
04.Digital Birthright
05.Intricate Decay
09.Yours To Surpass
10.Shackles Of Indoctrination
11.The Iridium Layer
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