Monday, February 18, 2013

DYNAHEAD release "Abiogenesis" lyric video

Brazilian band DYNAHEAD have released the lyric video for the track "Abiogenesis" that comes of its newest album "Chordata I", set to be released on May 11th. This is the first of two lyrics videos. Watch the video below.

The Brazilian digipak version will be released on MSMetal Records/Voice Music, and the digital version will be out on February 14th via Digmetalworld Records in North America, licensing to other territories are currently being discussed. Order the digital copy from this location or find it on iTunes.

Chordata I tracklisting:

1. 'Abiogenesis'
2. 'Bred Patterns'
3. 'Collective Skin'
4. 'Dawn Mirrored In Me'
5. 'Echoes Of The Waves'
6. 'Foster'
7. 'Growing In Veins'
8. 'Hallowed Engine'
9. 'Inevitable'

Dynahead is:

Caio Duarte - Vocals
Diogo Mafra - Guitars
Pablo Vilela - Guitars
Diego Teixeira - Bass

More on Dynahead at this location

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