Friday, February 1, 2013

Farewell, News and Surprises on Winter Ends Festival

The Gothic Metal Band MIRRORED IN SECRECY will have their last show on  Winter Ends Festival 2013. Their singer David, also head of Winter Ends,  says in a facebook post:
"Ten years ago the first MIRRORED IN SECRECY-Demo was recorded in my living-room in Munich and now the history ends in a place which also feels like home: my own festival - the Winter Ends."

MIRRORED IN SECRECY produced their debut in spring 2012 after a couple of self-produced EPs. Now the band had no real base anymore, the aims of the  musicians are different at this point and so they decided to split up. A next chapter of MIRRORED IN SECRECY with a new line up is not impossible - so stay tuned. 

Apart from this there will be new songs from LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, UNDERTOW, THE BEAUTY OF DROWNING und VOODOMA to hear on February, the 23rd in Cologne:

All these bands got new albums out!

UNDERTOW will be on stage as a Quartett the first time und announce their new guitarrist.
The guys from LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE have a secret surprise to reveal for their fans - so you could stay curious for this event!

More festival infos here

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