Saturday, February 2, 2013

Get A Piece Of The Action! After a year of writing... It's time to party... LET'S RAGE!!!

A Piece Of The Action needs your help. Click the link BELOW to check out MORE.

"Hello! We are the Metal band A Piece Of The Action from Los Angeles, CA. We have been together for a little over 2 years now and have come such a long way since our first show. The love we have for the music we create goes hand in hand with the love we have for our families and friends. To be able to jump on stage and share our souls with you is a phenomenal sensation and we cant emphasize enough how much we love doing it.

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you are so close to accomplishing your goal whether it be buying a new car, a new house, or even finishing school, yet you can't quite get there because you don't have the funds to achieve this goal? Then you know exactly how it feels to be in our shoes right now. Since the start of APOTA, we continue to live the D.I.Y. lifestyle solely because we do not have the support of a record label to back us up. We can honestly say that we appreciate every single time someone steps out of their way to help us with anything. At this point in our musical lives, we have ran out of money to complete our second EP for ours fans and are humbly asking you to step up and support us. We need to raise enough money to go back into the studio, record the EP and send it out to the printers to have it packaged all nice like for all of you. Words alone cannot express how much your help means to us and how much it will help us reach a new level in our musical careers.

Reaching this goal will not only be a great accomplishment, but will be a life changing event for all of us in APOTA. It will open doors for us that we have never thought imaginable, one of them being making a ton of new friendships through this event. Think about how great it felt to obtain something you fought so hard for. That is exactly what we are doing now. We are fighting with every oucne of strength to get complete this new EP not just for us, but for every single one of you. With your help, there is no doubt that we can get to the finish line and bring life to our greatest creation as a band."

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