Thursday, February 28, 2013

GUTTED`s Path of a New Era, Darker than ever! Review, Full Stream and Free Download

Well, well, well… Here we are again face to face with good Hungarian death metal with lots of guts. If I wouldn´t knew it would be very probably to say -these guys are from the US or from Canada for sure!  This was my first time hearing a GUTTED work, the most recent released on February, 15, 2013 and I must say I enjoyed every single second of this short and brutal EP. Their sound bring us that US death/grind touch similar to a raging earthquake or as I prefer to compare- a bloodthirsty chainsaw from an old horror movie; but they also transpire the energy of Canada technical metal and this is what I especially like about them in a way (they don´t deserve to be compared, it´s just great death metal from Hungary, played by great musicians).

I think it´s freaking annoying when people always say- this is ust like that band, there’s no point in what they are doing. Of course there will always be something similar to what bands create so what´s the point in speaking of it like it´s something negative?  The more, the merrier. This experience was like hearing something close to Cannibal Corpse (what else from a band that choose their name from a Cannibal song?!) with low guttural vocals intercalated with brutal death metal screams known as growlings, fast and furious drumming with a punch in the face double bass pedal and a delightful technical riffing from the guitar. These metallers are definitely not boring nor extremely exaggerated and how could they? This is that kind of metal that you want to hear and follow if you listen to bands like Aborted, Flesh God Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Necrophagist and so on… not to flourished just that extremely heavy and brutal music with badass arpeggios, insane solos and a lot more of fucking technique. GUTTED are around since the late nineties, already launched three albums, they´ve been through some nice gigs and collected a legion of fans so as you can tell “new” is not a word in their vocabulary but “old” and “beaten” aren´t as well.

I haven´t had the opportunity to analyze GUTTED last albums (“Defiled”-2001; “Human Race Deserves to Die”- 2005; Mankind Carries the Seeds of Hell”- 2010) so it must be kind of weird and difficult for a reader to trust my words but fuck it, I don’t care. I can with certainty say that lyrically their music suffered maturation from a more brutal and gory (to show how sick is humanity) to a more introspective, dark and deep meaning writing and I can also say that “Path of a New Era” EP fills my spirit with the brutality I need to carry on… with a melodic and dark Intro that works as atmosphere: “Chaos of Beginning” the band engages the listener in the right mood to absorb the message of the following songs and right after the first minute an explosion of rawness is felt with the song “Cosmos of Humans”, very powerful and simple till the two minutes and a technical machine with many variations after. The EP ends with a 2 minutes and a half of nonstop violence “Fade Away”, a full force song very old school with less variations.

Path of a New Era” was released as a preparation for a new era, a new era for the band and for the followers of the band. Maybe there´s some kind of relation in the title of this EP and the next release of GUTTED. Yes! Finally we get to the point! Darker, more extreme, more technical and more brutal than ever before GUTTED yet untitled 4th album will be recorded in the fall for a February 2014 release on CD and Digital worldwide via PRC MUSIC. This three-song work was only to help the band´s legions of fans wait for its next opus and in my opinion the fans will be more excited than ever. At least I will…

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