Friday, February 15, 2013

MASTERPIECE releases "Revenge" music video

Brazilian metal band MASTERPIECE have released the official music video for the track "Revenge" to promote is latest album "Heirs of Freedom". The music video of "Revenge" was produced and filmed by Eduardo Wosniak.

Watch the music video below:

The album "Heirs of Freedom" was Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Regisson Silva at RVB Records, and Mastered by Caio Duarte at BroadBand Productions, in Brazil, 2011. The art was designed by Denisson. The album was released in 2012 via Digmetalworld Records in the US.

The complete track list is the following.

1. Harbinger
2. Revenge
3. No More
4. Mr. Disgrace
5. Drowned in the Sea of Lie
6. Hecatombe
7. For the Heirs of Freedom
8. Trajectory of Death
9. Lane
10. The Thing Out of Control
11. The Collector

Masterpiece is:

Denisson Silva - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Regisson Silva - Lead Guitars, Accoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Pedro Bianchi - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Thiago Chiarelli - Drums, Backing Vocals

You can listen the album "Heirs of Freedom" entirely at this location. For more information about the band go to its Official Website

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