Thursday, February 7, 2013

METAL4SPLASH - MALRUN and VADER are confirmed

All good things are coming from above, here it means from the north and in this special case: from Denmark. Welcome, MALRUN!
The Melodic Metaller just finish their tour with Mark Tremonti today, they have a very nice new album called "The Empty Frame" and they got time for us on the last weekend of July - perfect for a gig on Metal4Splash! So let's all take the time to watch MALRUN there!

With VADER we present neighborly visitors from Poland! 
Who plays "Raining Blood" even faster than the original SLAYER? Of course: Nobody else than VADER!
The Death Metal Icons (founded in 1983) did a good job with all that talent and energy so they finally got a deal with Nuclear Blast Records.
In their home country these guys from VADER are always among the "Album-Top-Ten" with their releases and they are number one for dirty and dark Death Metal.
Let's welcome VADER to "morbid Weichselsee"!

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