Thursday, February 21, 2013

NADER SADEK´s LIVING FLESH as an Album of the Month + Exclusive Premiere SULFFER Live

Years of sleeping matter waiting to be found. The time transforms living plants and animals while creatures are extinguished and others evolve. Humans are born, intelligence develops and gives us the power to break barriers and conquer our world. We discover the black liquid, the source of our energy that corrupts our minds with greed. We can now conquer everything because petroleum gives us life. We can´t live without it but it also takes our life away, covering our consumerist personality with its dark viscosity. Death becomes energy and energy becomes death. Cars filling roads in a mix of engine hoarseness and veils of smoke, boats covering oceans with a putrid layer of bio matter, animals suffocating in a gluey black dress and there’s no way out of this violent addiction.

There´s a sound filling the contaminated oxygen you breathe. A well oiled mechanical orchestra liberates chemical pollution through metallic noise that corrodes the most sensitive ears. The harsh melody calls from the depths of Earth, anxious to get out in form of death metal expressing itself through brutal music. “Living Flesh” the first live performance from Nader Sadek´s “In the Flesh” project will see the light of day on February 27th in a self-release. The live act demonstrates the huge presence in stage of some death metal and black metal monsters that together with excellent guest musicians offer an enormous dose of extremely well played music to haunt a society increasingly attached to petroleum.

The November 20, 2011 show featured the original line-up of “In the Flesh” record as well as two new performers. With Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), Rune Eriksen (Aura Noir, Ava Inferi, ex-Mayhem), Novy (ex- Behemoth, ex-Vader), Steve Tucker (ex-Morbid Angel), Sean Frey (guest live guitarist) and Carmen Simões (back vocals) the result was an incredible conjuration of heavy symphonies for an excited crowd.

The Egyptian creator of ideas, shapes, lyrical concepts… art! Nader Sadek is the mastermind of this magnificent work and he believes that perfection is born from passion. It is obvious that he seeks perfection when he focuses with inspiration and motivation in the concretion of a task and the live performance of “In the Flesh” wasn´t an exception. Nodding to the petroleum theme he brought the drums to the front of the stage as a metaphorical engine driving the music, while the disembodied voices of the singers emerge from the rear of the satge behind the guitars and bass. Sadek himself takes the stage to baptize small, gut-like objects in a black tar-like liquid and throw them into the audience. I can say that perfection is almost there with a combination of environment and music that creates a solid image of the record concept.

It is obvious of course that without the hybrid formation that contemplates the huge machinery sounding vs human fragility soundscape the final result would be impossible. Not only had the three expert musicians (Steve, Flo and Rune) exuded in perfect symbiosis an incredible show of raw death metal but also they managed to contrast with a melodic journey in top of a furious sound being able to create different layers in the music. The riffing sometimes can be very melodic but other times it can actually be disharmonic and very black metal-influenced. Flo is a killer in the drums and he attacks the front of the stage with full force giving life to the metaphor Sadek wanted to create. He also has the spotlight in a track that doesn’t appear in the studio album with a drum solo that changes between mechanical noise and more rhythmic patterns, paralleling the overlap of man and machine… it is worthy every minute of your attention. Carmen Simões voice haunts with beauty and horror at the same time giving the important atmosphere, without her this live art wouldn´t be complete.

The songs themselves differ from the original album arrangements. They are played at a much higher speed and have been extended to allow the crowd to immerse and capture this dark blend of visceral music. “Living Flesh” is a truly magnificent live album that should be at least in a metal-head collection. It is true that there aren´t many live albums worthy of your attention but this one is a rarity, a super formation in harmony profaning the stage like there´s no tomorrow.

02.Nigredo in Necromance (live)
03.Sulffer (live)
04.Mechanic Idolatry (live)
05.Soulless (live)
06.Rusted Skin/Drum solo (live)
07.Of this flesh (live)

This is an exclusive video release of the track "SOULLESS" by "NADER SADEK". The video was authorized only for promotion. Courtesy of Metalranks & Metalpaths and of course Nader Sadek.

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