Sunday, February 17, 2013

OCTOBER TIDE - Another New Track Available For Streaming, Release Dates Unveiled

Swedish Melodic Gloomlords OCTOBER TIDE have released another track entitled 'Adoring Ashes', which comes off from the upcoming full-length album "Tunnel Of No Light".

Go to the Pulverised Records SoundCloud Page or the Pulverised Records Bandcamp Page to listen to 'Adoring Ashes'.

The release dates for "Tunnel Of No Light" have been set on 25th March 2013 for Europe and 16th April 2013 for North America.

::: OCTOBER TIDE - "Tunnel Of No Light" :::...

1) Of Wounds To Come
2) Our Constellation
3) Emptiness Fulfilled
4) Caught In Silence
5) The Day I Dissolved
6) Watching The Drowners
7) In Hopeless Pursuit
8) Adoring Ashes

Alexander Högbom (Volturyon, Spasmodic) - Vocals
Fredrik Norrman (Uncanny, ex-Katatonia) - Guitars
Mattias Norrman (Dellamorte, ex-Katatonia, ex-Interment) - Bass
Emil Alstermark  - Guitars
Robin Bergh (Aoria, Palefeather) - Drums

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