Thursday, February 21, 2013

TERMINAL PROSPECT publish details for their new album, cover and tracklist

On April, the 5th 2013 the Swedish Thrasher from TERMINAL PROSPECT will release their second full-length album „Redefine Existence“ via swiss label Gravity Entertainment.

The band is proud to release their new piece of "Superior Swedish Thrash": their new album is a very personal work and TERMINAL PROSPECT published the following statement about content of „Redefine Existence“:

"This album is the soundtrack of the different states of mind: anger, hate, frustration, power and strength.
The thoughts of this album are simple and directly to the point: It's just the band playing.
We developed our sources of inspiration as we as a band considered the power of life. The lyrics are written in different situations of our lives. 
"Redefine Existence" means that when you ask yourself to retry everything, clean up yourself from the frustrations - then in the end you are much stronger than before."

Strong and with a new label in their back the swedish guys now also published their cover artwork and the tracklist for „Redefine Existence“:

1. The Exodus
2. Chains Of Guilt
3. The Edge Of Confusion
4. A Memory To Keep
5. Price Of The Age
6. Unfortunately Not
7. Resurrection
8. Unleash The Fury
9. Aggressive Obsession
10. Redefine Existence
11. Liquid Mind

Heavy, melodic thrash metal riffs combined with tasty, classic rhythms and harmonies, surely made to bang the head!

More information about TERMINAL PROSPECT or here
and about Gravity Entertainment here

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