Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Black Widow's Project: "Heavy Heart"

Greatness and decadence, poetry and rock n’roll, love and sex, peace and war. 

These are the words that inspire this atypical rock band called The Black Widow's Project, formed in 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland by the singer/guitarist Al Castro and the drummer Math Sink, performing a music both clean and dirty (with bassist Raph Legend), coated with primitive hard rock which would flirt with the energies of grunge music.

Today is the day and The Black Widow's Project releases its debut full-length album, "Heavy Heart", on limited CD edition right NOW

Listenable on the Domino Media Store, the song "Ha Ha Ha Uh" has been shot as an official music video a few weeks ago. Check the Tube to have a look on it.

For power-rock/stoner/grunge/70's lovers...

Next gigs:
03.07.13 @ Divins Brasseurs (Sion, Switzerland)
06.14.13 @ Chateau-Rouge (Annemasse, France)

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