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Book: “Brief History of Portuguese Metal” - “Breve História do Metal Português” Available!

Here we are again metallic fellows and now with something different for you headbangers and readers and also something different for us HeavyHardMetalmania.
This is our first book review and a review that is specially embraced by the site for being a work that sheds some ligth in our Portuguese Metal roots that till this day were foggy even for us Lusitanos.

I´m preety sure that many of you know a lot about metal and how people and places influence this extreme music, this way of life.But how many of you know the history of portuguese metal and when it really started? The book “Breve História do Metal Português” (“Brief History of Portuguese Metal”) is now available for you. This awesome book relates with detail some of our Metal History in the early 60´s and the 70´s and for that matter it counts with interviews with musicians of that time, academic works, site, blogs and other sources.

In the pages of “Breve História do Metal Português” you can find the awesome journeys of many bands that fought in an extreme political and social ambient against the dictatorial system of Salazar and Marcello Caetano. It was during that time that the movement “Ié-Ié” gained life and the first groups appeared.

The work is organized in two chapters. The first one is about the construction of the style, since the 60´s till the final boom of Portuguese rock, in 1983. The second chapter walks around the sixteen years between 1984 and 1999.

This book is a major step towards our scene that in fact needs all the support it can gets cause
unfortunately weare still a small country when it comes to talk about extremely heavy music.The number of bands that born in our lands is quite big but only a few of them were really good like Heavenwood, Tarantula, Ibéria, Braindead, Thormentor, The Coven, Moonspell... We have some cool festivals like Barroselas, Vagos open air and Milhões de Festa and many underground communities and show houses, so don´t take me wrong we are indeed small but with a large offer of music and places to enjoy yourself. The problem here is almost like everywhere, our music industry is a commercial shit that only cares about profit and rejects everything that is categorized as “less money for our pocket”.We only need support, eyes and ears, good taste, someone that can really appreciate good portuguese metal to take it further, to take it outside of this country to be known and to grow.

I had the opportunity to read some of the pages of the book and i have to say i want it. It´s like an updated ancient manual or something like that with lots of new information about our great past as musicians.This is a travel trough 60´s rock and the evolution of rock to what we call metal. Our History is finally being written and our roots are finally beginning to emerge from the uncertain sea in which were drown. I wasnt´s surprised to find out that metal was taking shape before the early 80´s and i wasn´t surprised to find out the contribution of musicians like Júlio Pereira, José Cid and Fernando Girão in the development of heavy music in Portugal but i was surprised with the amount of information of bands like Roxigénio, NZZN, Heavy Band, Arte & Oficio and much more. I´m very proud, Portugal has produced excellent music and i´m very proud of the portuguese will to rock like hell but i think that we need more works like this one, more information about metal and especially more about the scene nowadays.

Dico is 42 years old, free-lance jornalist and the artist that took the opportunity to write about our heavy music History. He was the editor of the periodics PCMais, ANA Aeroportos, Logista News e Prime Negócios. He colaborated with Riff, Blast! And Versus Magazine and he was the founder of important blogs such as “Metal Incandescente” and “A a Z do Metal Português e Reflexões Musicais”. He was the drummer of Dinosaur and Sacred Sin and the first person in Portugal to implement the coaching for musicians. He´s a metal fan and he´s involved in the underground scene since 1987.

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